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Elena won the award for most committed coach to clients’ success

T Harv Eker / Author and Motivational Speaker

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Elena Pezzini

A personal mentor

A native of Italy, Elena moved to the States to pursue her PhD in Organizational Psychology. After earning many Coaching and Hypnosis Certifications, as well, she began work as a coach and consultant for a number of Fortune 100 companies.


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Elena Pezzini is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
She coaches individuals and teams, to thrive in their own niche. Discover how!

Successful Stories

Elena won the award for most committed coach to clients’ success

T Harv Eker / Author and Motivational Speaker

The moment I heard her voice filled with excitement, encouragement and wisdom I knew we were perfectly matched! She has consistently guided me and I’m amazed at how much I accomplish every day!

Deborah Torres Patel / Asia’s Leading Voice and Presentation Coach

Today, I just completed my first speaking gig.
It was a blast and I felt like a celebrity! Not only did I get paid handsomely for it, but this gave me the fulfillment that I had longed for. I would have not have gone this far if not for Harv and my coach Elena.

Peng Joon / Internet Marketing Expert

Thanks to Elena, I went from a 9-5 job to being my own’s successful business owner.

Fabio Pasquale / Google, Italy

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You Got The Power is a non profit organization and foundation. It helps students, learners and workers to improve their career, thanks to the healing power of animals and rescue animals.